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Online Safety

The internet is a wonderful thing! It has revolutionised the way we behave and learn. We look to embrace new technologies and we are excited about how the internet and internet-attached devices improve our lives. However, the opportunities provided can also present their own unique dangers, particularly to children.

At St Mary's, we believe that internet safety and digital literacy education is a crucial element of the curriculum and an essential part of young people’s development, both within the school environment and at home. As a school, we take our commitment to the digital safeguarding of our pupils seriously and hope to be able to work in partnership with you as parents, to ensure our children are able to enjoy all the internet has to offer, safely and responsibly.  


All of our teachers undergo annual online safety training. Children learn about online safety and discuss what it means to be safe online regularly. We are discerning users of the internet, not just accepting everything that we read online without considering its authenticity. 

 Useful resources for children

Think U Know

The Think U Know website gives you advice about staying safe when you're on a phone, tablet or computer. Choose your age and play the games to find out more.

Own It - from the BBC

A place to help you boss your life online

Useful resources for parents

How to keep myself safe online (parents and carers)

Parents/carers are used to protecting their children across all aspects of every day life, and this should also include keeping their children safe when they go online. 

It is essential that parents/carers talk to their children about what they are:

  • doing and viewing online
  • who they are contacting online
  • and how they are behaving online.

The conversations with young people around their use of technology tend to be easier the younger they are, but should still be tackled whatever the age of the child.

A parent and carer's guide to talking to your children about staying safe online

This resource will help parents and carers find out more about to talk to your child about online safety and where to get further help and support.

Ethical behaviours online

This is a useful series of strategies and further information about how to help your children develop ethical online behaviour.


Internet Matters

This website contains lots of information, advice and support to keep children safe online